We believe in solar democracy: solar energy for everyone, everywhere.

The energy provided by the sun and other light sources is still largely un(re)used, despite being among the most efficient and effective renewable energy sources. ​The Sun provides more energy to Earth in one day than all of humanity uses in an entire year.
With Seenergy we aim to provide a variety of signature design furniture and household products (tables, frameworks, lamps, etc.) that are able to store and convert solar energy into a power source (LED light or USB power outlet) for personal usage. Our solution makes use of solar cells, instead of regular opaque solar panels, and aims to become an energy industry playmaker for a new green cycle in architecture and design.
Solar technology has come a long way since the blue roof panelling we all know.
During the development of technologies, the aesthetics are still often subordinated to its efficiency. While Seenergy directs its focus to alternative energy resources, we also make an obvious attempt to frame new technologies beyond basic scientific efficiency.
The lack of visual appeal of regular solar panels and the opacity of such, also imposes a great obstacle to the democratization of its usage.
Contrary to regular solar panels, our cells do not need direct incidence of sunlight, being so, our products can also be used indoors. This opens a new chapter, addressing the lack of indoor solutions that independently generate, store and make use of renewable energy sources.

Founder & CEO

Rita Gomes

With a rich 10-year career in architecture, Rita specializes in 3D modelling, marketing, and product design. Her project management prowess is augmented by a focused interest in Sustainable Construction and Environmental Policy. As the brain behind the idea, Rita will take the helm in designing Seenergy's line of aesthetic and functional solar-based products while ensuring their alignment with sustainability standards and guidelines.

Founder & CBO

João Rocha Gomes

João brings a unique lens to the Seenergy project. Despite his background as a medical doctor, he also has formal education in Economics and Management. With experience spanning multiple countries and industries, he combines a deep understanding of global business dynamics with an unwavering commitment to Seenergy’s vision of delivering innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable energy solutions​​​​​.